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Dennis Cox

In memoriam photo

This page is a tribute to Dennis Cox, father of Hazel, Geoffrey, Simon and Rosemary; grandfather to James and Thomas.

The picture is how we remember him- relaxed in his family's company (with Brady his dog.)

Although Dad was only briefly at St. Luke's the quality of care and attention he received was second to none.

Lived in
St. Lukes Hospice

Father of
Hazel Paterson

Passed away on

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Linda Murphy Yes 30 October 2011 £20.00 it was a pleasure to have met you.
Derek Ensom Yes 30 October 2011 £40.00 for dennis (uncle den), with our love, for a fondly remembered family member. from, eileen, sandra and derek
H Paterson Yes 28 October 2011 £50.00
Peter Cox Yes 27 October 2011 £100.00 in tribute to an inspirational brother-in-law and uncle.
Bev Thomas Yes 27 October 2011 £15.00 remembering dennis, one of nature's gentlemen. a lovely man
Marion Dastur Yes 26 October 2011 £20.00 in remembrance! warmest regards, marion & jim
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