Doing it for Granpa

Chandni and granddad

I found out that my grandad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013.

As a family, we agreed that our priority was to make the most of whatever time we had left with my grandad and we wanted him to enjoy each day.

As time went by, his health deteriorated and he became bedbound. This was distressing for him and despite us doing our best to help him, he felt uncomfortable because he felt dependent on us.

I told my family about the care St Luke's Hospice offered and how I felt that grandad would be more comfortable in the hands of professional doctors and nurses. They would be able to provide him the best care round the clock.

At first, my family was hesitant as "hospice" was considered a "gloomy place of death" and being of Asian descent, it was an unknown entity.

However, within a few hours of grandad settling down in his room at the Hospice, we noticed a massive change in his demeanour! He had much more energy and smiled more often. My grandad felt at peace and was happy looking onto the beautiful gardens from his spacious room.

The staff at St Luke's went above and beyond the call of duty for my granpa. I strongly believe that the hospice made life better for him in his final days.

I am now an ambassador for the hospice, raising awareness in community groups and other gatherings in our locality.