Since my last walk


In this week’s blog, Jelena Hudd, from St George's Shopping Centre, writes about why she is taking part in the Midnight Walk. Jelena took part in the walk for the first time last year:

When I think over the last year, since my last walk, I believe a lot has changed.

I have settled well in my new job, I enjoy my work and interaction with St George’s tenants as well as the people I work with. The family life has been eventful and I have embarked on an adventure of losing weight.

My precious mother-in-law passed away in February, after 6 months in a nursing home, and previously, spending some weeks in St Luke’s Hospice in Kenton, being taken care of by fantastic, dedicated staff and volunteers. March was a very sad time for my family. It is hard to process the loss but it is also difficult to convey to the people who were so kind and generous with their time and efforts how much they are appreciated by family members. My involvement with St Luke’s has been a positive channel to process those feelings.

I found that exercise helped me through heavy times over this year. I haven’t been to the gym for ages; it was my ‘winter hideout’. As the days were getting longer, I embarked on my walks. I have been walking to and back from work; it is about 30 minutes journey each way. I have done many 6-mile walks around Harrow and even gone to Kew Gardens on foot a few times (9 miles trip). The best so far was walking to Regent’s Park to visit the Rose Garden. That was 12 mile walk to get there, and obviously, I walked while in the garden! I did take a tube home, though. My bath tub never looked so appealing…

This year, I have invited some friends to join me on the Midnight Walk. Natasha, my long standing friend who loves yoga, feta cheese and orchids is joining me on the night. We tend to go to Kew for long, long walks and talk about life, families and are really good friends. The other team mate is Rebekah, we’ve been friends a few years now, and she is a ray of sunshine! She works as a youth worker and her smile is so contagious that you cannot but smile back at her, even on the worst days.

I am waiting for a potential few more of my mates who would be willing to stay awake for a good cause. I personally can’t wait! I remember last year’s buzz and am all geared up, mentally and physically (did you notice my 12 mile walk comment??) I am looking forward to having company this year to keep my mind occupied while legs are doing their bit.

It’s going to be fantastic!