Hospice at Home Healthcare Assistant

Contract: Bank
Salary: £9.75 per hour
Location: St Luke’s Hospice

Duties and Responsibilities:
The post holder will be directly managed by and accountable to the Hospice @ Home Sr / Manager. The post holder will provide appropriate care for named patients at home who have end stage palliative care needs. Directed by the Hospice @ Home Sr/Manager as referred by the Specialist Palliative Care CNS, District Nurse and allied Health and Social Care Professionals.

  • Assist patients with their personal care as appropriate and according to their wishes, maintaining privacy and dignity at all times.
  • Perform and record clinical observations of patients and have an awareness of their relevance.
  • Undertake minor dressings and treatments as required.
  • Prompt patients on regular oral medication when patient is self - medicating.
  • Be confident in the use of patient care equipment and associated safety procedures.
  • Observe the syringe driver providing medication to patients and alert the appropriate health care professional should problems occur – training will be provided.
  • Take all precautions to ensure the control of infection is minimised whilst delivering care to the patient.
  • Recognise change in patient’s symptoms and conditions and notify Hospice @ Home team and other health care professionals as appropriate.
  • Assist with obtaining small amounts of shopping if needed, food preparation and administration of simple meals and beverages in a comfortable and acceptable manner, maximising the patient’s independence and ability to stay at home.
  • Effectively communicate with all patients in order to promote their comfort and wellbeing and support their emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Support/Liaise with patients, carers and family members in a dignified, professional manner respecting their individual needs, beliefs, wishes and culture.
  • Provide care for the body after death and support family members/carers following the death.
  • Maintain accurate, legible and legally substantive records of care and assessment undertaken in the appropriate records provided by St. Luke’s Hospice.
  • Report to Hospice @ Home team any changes, incidents which may affect carrying out allocated daily work at the earliest opportunity.
  • Use resources economically and efficiently.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information relating to patients, staff and St. Luke’s Hospice.
  • Maintain the health and safety of self and others by identifying and reporting potential dangers
  • Discuss and review personal and professional development needs during annual appraisal.
  • Attend debriefing discussions, meetings and contribute to the development of the service as required/requested.
  • Attend all mandatory training and ‘in house’ study days, meetings and discussions when required/requested e.g. Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, Food Hygiene, Control of Infection and other appropriate courses for the development of the service and individual.
  • Comply with all St Luke’s Hospice corporate policies and procedures, local policies and legal requirements relating to clinical care.
  • Act in such a manner as to satisfy public trust and confidence, to uphold and enhance the good standing and reputation of St. Luke’s Hospice.

Equal Opportunities Policy
The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to St. Luke’s Hospice equal opportunities policy.

Data Protection Act.
All employees of St. Luke’s Hospice must not, without prior permission, disclose any information regarding patients or staff. In instances where it is known that a member of staff has communicated information to unauthorised persons, those staff will be liable to dismissal. Moreover, the Data Protection Act 1984 also renders an individual liable for prosecution in the event of unauthorised disclosure of information.

The post holder is required to undergo such training as may be required for the safe and effective execution of his/her duties

Permanent posts are occasionally available, please enquire.