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#Where will people go?

Brent Council plans to build a controversial new development just 10 metres from patient bedrooms, and just 5 metres from the Hospice boundary wall.

St Luke’s has been serving our local community for over 30 years. Last year we provided specialist end of life care to 1,628 people in Harrow and Brent.

Because of closure of beds at two neighbouring NHS Hospices, we face a significant increase in demand for our care. The noise and dust from building work of this magnitude, so close to rooms where people at the end of their life are being cared for, will give us no choice but to close at least one third of our in-patient services when it’s needed most.

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With the wellbeing of our patients and their families in mind, we strongly object to the proximity of the proposed building to our hospice patients’ beds. People at the end of life need highly specialist care.

If we are forced to close one third (possibly more) of the Hospice beds, where will people go?

Today, we urgently need your help to protect our patients and defeat Brent Council's plans.

7,127 people have already written to councillors and MPs. We still need your support to protect people at end of their lives.

The badly planned proposed development is intended for people with learning difficulties. The place where people who have passed away at the hospice are taken away is easily visible from parts of the new development. This may cause residents to witness scenes very distressing for them, and violates the privacy of patients and their families.

We need your support.
Please tell the Planning Committee to stop their plans today!

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