Dying Matters Week 2017

Dying Matters Week (8 -14 May) aims to raise public awareness to get you to plan for dying and death and provide support in times of grief and bereavement, be they friends, family or your wider community. The theme of the week is What Can you Do? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, for blogs and videos about themes covered for the week.

What can you do….

…For yourself?

  • Make a Will
  • Plan your funeral
  • Consider organ donation
  • Tell the people who need to know
  • Decide on your future care wishes
  • Get your finances in order
    If you don’t make or share your plans, you wont get the care you hope for or send-off you want, and you might make it harder for those you leave behind.

…for the people close to you?

It’s important to talk to our loved ones about our end of life wishes and plans, and to encourage them to decide theirs too. There’s no reason to fear talking about dying, death and bereavement with those who matter to us.  You can support your family members when they are ready to have these conversations or share their wishes with you.

…for your friends?

Everyone has a different circle of friends – neighbours, team mates, colleagues at work, people with a shared faith, hobbies or interest. How can you help? This might mean meeting for a drink, offering a lift, or helping around the house. What can you offer that they might need?

…for your community?

People we know maybe caring for someone who’s dying, or grieving themselves. You can:

  • Volunteer work
  • Fetch the shopping
  • Cook a meal
  • Help with laundry, cleaning etc
  • These things do mean a lot, and help people at a tough time.
As part of the week we will  be holding a FREE seminar about Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills on Friday 12 May from 5.30 – 6.30pm at the hospice. Although the seminar is free, please register you attendance by emailing zwahab@stlukes-hospice.org.