Fire Walk


Are you brave enough to cross a bed of coals burning at 1200F?! After Time4Change's motivational training you will be ready for anything!

Ever fancied walking on fire? Or perhaps you have tried fire walking and are after a new challenge? Well now’s your chance to do so and raise much needed funds for St Luke’s Hospice at the same time! Fire Walking is inspirational and a barrier-breaking experience for all concerned. In simple terms, after a motivational seminar you will walk across 20 feet of wood embers burning at over 1200 Fahrenheit without experiencing any pain or injury!

All participants will take part in an Empowering Transformational Training Workshop to prepare mind, body & soul for this life-changing event. This seminar has been said to completely transform people’s lives for the better and has huge positive and long lasting effects.

After the seminar you will be ready, with adrenalin pumping and your heart racing. You will want nothing more than to set foot on fire! You will be lead to the path, where friends and family will be watching as you take those steps you never thought possible.

Time4Change was founded by Cliff Mann, the most experienced fire and glass walking instructor in Europe. Cliff has literally led thousands of people from all walks of life over hot coals during his 20 years as a firewalking instructor. See their videos at

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  • Entry after 31st October - £35 (plus minimum sponsorship of £60)
  • Self funding Entry Fee - £75 (no minimum sponsorship)