Organise your own event


Why not share your talents, have fun with your friends and colleagues and raise money to support our patients and their families at the same time? Hold a tea party, do a sponsored challenge, open your garden, or get your whole street involved in a community event!

Don't know what you want to do to fundraise for us yet? Take a look at our list of ideas below for some inspiration and get more information about organising your own event.

Let's Have Tea

Brew the tea, bake some cakes and help raise funds for your local hospice. We need you to organise a tea party, big or small, to support our work. Have a tea party at work, school or at home with a few close friends and see how much difference a cuppa can make.

Open Your Garden

Pull on your gardening gloves and open your garden for your local hospice. Do you have green fingers and have a garden to be proud of? Share your passion and hard work by opening your garden, and helping raise money for St Luke’s Hospice.

Running an open garden for St Luke's is a great way of meeting your neighbours, sharing gardening tips and showing off all your hard work in the garden!  You don’t need a huge garden, visitors will be looking for inspiring design, a range of plants & flowers and some tea and cake. Your opening can be an intimate get together with family & friends, or involve your whole neighbourhood.

t's also a great way of raising funds for the Hospice, which you can do by charging an entry fee, holding a raffle and by selling refreshments, cuttings and produce from your garden.

Sports Tournament

Football, cricket, netball... Whatever your sport, organising a tournament is a great way to use your passion to raise funds for the hospice.

Are you a footy fan or do you enjoy a game of tennis on the weekends? Why  not support St Luke's Hospice by playing your favourite sport and organise a sports tournament at your university, school, work place, or local sports club.

You can ask teams to pay an entry fee to take part and raise sponsorship. You can add to the fun on the day by holding a raffle, selling refreshments and even have a prize for the winning team.
can organise a tournament for any sport; football, tennis, badminton, netball, rugby are just a few examples. You can even mix them up and have a full sports day.

Party to raise funds for St Luke's!

Enjoy a party and raise funds for St Luke's at the same time. It could be a barbeque, an international food party, a private party in your local club, or simply inviting a few friends round for dinner.

Tell us about your event below or to find out more on how to organise your own event, contact Jemini on or call 020 8382 8018