Yoga for Serenity

Yoga 4 Serenity

Step onto your mat and be transformed! Join a weekly yoga class in aid of St Luke's Hospice. Anjna will lead you through posture work, conscious breathing and relaxation techniques each week.

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Weekly Wednesday Class

Class open to all hospice staff and volunteers 

Time: 5.45pm - 7pm (Please arrive by 5.35pm)
Location: St Luke's Hospice

Teachers: Neeta Varsani  / Anjna Vekaria (Ad Hoc)

Booking: Limited spaces - please pre-book to avoid any disappointments by contacting Anjna on the details below.

Weekly Thursday Class

Class open to all
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Time: 7.45pm - 9pm (Please arrive by 7.35pm)
Location: Claremont High School Academy (School Hall), Claremont Avenue, Kenton, Harrow, HA3 0UH

Teachers: Anjna Vekaria / Neeta Varsani (Assistant)
Booking: Limited spaces - please pre-book to avoid any disappointments by contacting Anjna on the details below.


Anjna Vekaria 

Anjna believes that yoga is a practice that grows and develops with time.  Along her own personal journey, Anjna has experienced that true wellness comes from a deep connection and balance from within.  Anjna is keen to empower and inspire all those around her, especially women, to become more fearless both on and off the yoga mat. She is passionate about volunteering, an ambassador and former Trustee of St Luke’s Hospice.

Neeta Varsani 

Neeta has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years to improve her strength, flexibility and suppleness for both her mind and body. Neeta's love for yoga encouraged her to embark on becoming a yoga teacher. She has been supporting the classes since Sept 2015. Neeta's motto is “Be the change you wish to see” - Gandhi

What To Expect

Classes are predominantly based on Hatha Yoga. Each class is 75 minutes long and involves Asanas (posture work), Pranayama (mindful breathing), Pratyahara (relaxation techniques) & Dharana (concentration of the mind through visualisations and affirmations).

Contact Details

For further information or to register please contact Anjna

M: 07904143183

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"Anjna is a passionate, thoughtful and happy yoga teacher.  Regardless of your ability, experience or age, she manages to tailor her classes to suit your individual needs and at the same time caters for the needs of the whole class.  I have been stretched mentally & physically and always look forward to my weekly class.  Over the past year I have discovered my core, strengthened my abs and had a wonderful time.  We laugh at each session and help each other as well.  The classes have and continue to be very enjoyable.  Thank you Anjna.  Ella"

"I started yoga with Anjna after having a frozen shoulder for 18 months. I expected to 'loosen up' what I didn't expect were the other positive side effects! I have a thyroid problem, this has improved over the last 6 months with my prescription being lowered. The breathing exercises have helped me control anxiety and have helped with sinus issues. The class is an hour and a quarter of 'me time' every week. Anjna is a very calm instructor with great motivational skills, her relaxing voice adds to how nice the relaxation part of the class is. AG"