Community Support Volunteer Service

Community support volunteers

We understand how a terminal diagnosis can affect patients and everyone in the family in various ways from managing the household, maintaining social connections to readjusting back in the community after a period of time within a hospital/hospice setting. The nature of the illness can leave many individuals housebound and dependent on their family and friends and the feeling of losing independence can be very hard. Our team of Community Support Volunteers can provide assistance in any of these areas within your own home. The aim is to help with some of these issues over a period of 6 visits; whilst finding  a longer term solution/alternative.

Our Volunteer can help you feel more:

  • Socially connected: companionship, reminiscing, social groups, hobbies and interests
  • Independent at Home: carer respite, escorted shopping, light household tasks, accompanied medical appointments and basic form filling
  • Confident in the Community: medication prompting, emotional support, light exercise, coordinating medical appointments and reading post

About our volunteers

All our volunteers are specially selected, trained & vetted by St Luke’s and are professional and flexible in relation  to your needs.

However, the role does have some restrictions including not being able to provide advice or assistance in any of the following areas: 

  • Transport (unless business insured)
  • Handling money or accepting gifts in kind
  • Advice or recommendations
  • Medical assistance/administration
  • Personal care support
  • Manual handling of any kind
  • Emergency ad-hoc requests
  • Heavy domestic support
To find out more about our Community Support Volunteers Service call 020 8382 8073 or email

If you are interested in becoming a Community Support Volunteer, click here.