Caring for People in Harrow & Brent

Coping with a terminal illness
at home can be difficult.

Your donation could give specialist support to help people
live comfortably in the precious time they have left.

Daily tasks that most of us take for granted can be a struggle for our patients, and their physical pain can take over everything they do. Simple things like moving around the home, dressing, climbing stairs and doing the washing can be difficult.

Our nurses often meet terminally ill people who are at a distressing point in their life and need instant specialist care in the home. But, our resources are stretched, which is why we have launched our Home Care Appeal to help them.

Together, with your kind gift, we can help people feel more comfortable and give the best quality of life with dignity and respect. Please donate today – thank you.

St Luke’s nurse, Elaine shares how your donation will help

‘We are not there to fly in and out of patients’ homes. We take the time to understand people’s end of life journey when other care settings haven’t had the time to listen.

I often support people who are most vulnerable, living with multiple challenges at home and need immediate help. In one visit, we could be helping people like Anil, whose health deteriorated very quickly. We rapidly provided him with a specialist bed to make him feel comfortable, organised medication to ease his pain and put a care package in place to provide daily practical support.

The thought of not having dedicated end of life nursing care in people’s homes is unbearable. People would face long waits for healthcare. This would leave many with distressing symptoms and inappropriate hospital admissions at a time when they express a wish to remain at home.

Helping people live the best life they can by alleviating distressing symptoms like pain, and making a positive difference to their lives is a privilege and immensely satisfying. It would mean the world to us if you could support our Home Care Appeal.”

Your gift helps take the weight off people’s shoulders

Madhu shares: “My husband, Anil became suddenly ill with cancer and his health went downhill very fast. I was on my own with my terminally ill husband, 90 year old mum and working full-time. I was struggling to get support and equipment for my husband at home.

The hospital put us through to a St Luke’s nurse who took control of things and visited us at home whenever we needed anything. Our GP had been closed down by CQC so we didn’t have a GP to get medication. The Hospice sorted out a new GP for my husband, organised specialist equipment in our home such as a bed and arranged a massage.

The Hospice was a tremendous help.

St Luke’s supported my husband for the last 8 months of his life. The nurses were there for him with whatever help he needed. At that time of anyone’s life when you are terminally ill, any amount of support is just amazing and so helpful.

It takes the weight off your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about how you will manage or how to sort something out because the Hospice are there for you no matter what.”

Please donate to our Home Care Appeal today


could fund 1 patient home visit.


could fund 3 patient home visits.

Your gift of £30.60, or however much you are able to give, could help fund a vital home visit to a patient from a St Luke’s specialist nurse like Elaine, any day of the week – thank you.

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