Caring for People in Harrow & Brent

Bereavement Support Volunteer

Responsible to: Patient and Family Support Services Manager and Bereavement Services Co-ordinator

Accountable to: Director of Patient Services

Overall Aims

The volunteer shall provide bereavement support to hospice clients according to the philosophy of the Hospice Bereavement Support Service, acting at all times in a manner which promotes the delivery of a safe, ethical, appropriate service.

Role Profile

To assist in the provision of a service to bereaved people referred by the Bereavement Service with the aim of establishing a supportive and caring relationship that is responsive to their needs.

To promote increased awareness of the grieving process as a natural human experience, which can affect people in many ways; emotionally physically; spiritually and socially.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support the client and be responsive to their needs whilst maintaining regular and reliable contact, within a contracted time limit.
  • Respect each client’s choices and variety of expressions of grief consistent with different patterns of belief, family, community, culture and religion.
  • Complete documentation of client information as required, maintaining accurate clear records, which are stored securely in line with the Bereavement Support Volunteer’s Procedure for Record Keeping and Storing of Client Details.
  • Adhere to the Confidentiality Policy used by St Luke’s Hospice, respecting the confidentiality and privacy of each client and information shared by them.
  • Be sensitive, caring and supportive in all dealings with clients and colleagues.
  • To operate within the standards of behaviour identified by the Hospice Bereavement Service.
  • Undertake not to advocate a personal belief system to clients.
  • To inform the Patient and Family Support Services Manager or Director of Patient Services of any accidents or untoward incidents.
  • Accept no financial or other gratuities from clients.
  • Be aware that no benefit can be accepted from the client’s Will or the like.
  • To undertake an initial training course.
  • To participate in on-going training sessions.
  • Participation in supervisory support sessions – group and individual.
  • Undertake a regular commitment of time, which incorporates a level of flexibility, according to need.
  • Inform the Co-ordinator of arranged commitments that cannot be met.
  • Hold an intention to commit to St Luke’s Hospice Bereavement Service for two years.
  • Promote the philosophy of St Luke’s Bereavement Service to patients, families and carers and within the Harrow and Brent communities.
  • Develop an awareness of other services and resources available.

Ceasing to be a volunteer

Because this role involves supporting bereaved people, should you feel the need to cease being a volunteer whilst you are actively linked with an individual, wherever possible we would ask you to bring a link to an end by   

  • Facilitating and enabling appropriate planned endings with any clients you are working with
  • Working with the Bereavement Service Co-ordinator to ensure transitional plans for linked clients are agreed 

This Role Description is a broad outline that will be reviewed according to the development needs of St Luke’s Hospice Bereavement Service.

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