Care at Home


Many people prefer to be cared for in their own home, and our Hospice at Home and Community Palliative Care Team can help to make this possible. Some people may need specialist equipment, others may need to see a nurse, doctor or social worker. Even the help of one of our expert volunteers can be the thing that makes staying at home possible.

Enabling people to stay at home

Our trained team members may come into your home to add to the services your GP, district nurses and local authority provide. They are used to caring for people in their own homes, are not intrusive, and will listen to what you want.

  • Our team of doctors, nurses and social workers can give expert advice to you, your family and your GP and district nurses, making sure you get the best possible care.
  • Registered nurses and healthcare assistants can support you with everything from washing, to helping you go to the bathroom, creating a personalised care package. 

What patients and families say about care at home

"St Luke's staff came into our home morning, day and night to see to mum's personal needs. They gave her the special care that she required, while allowing her to keep her dignity. They brought a breath of fresh air and welcome relief to the family during the most difficult times"

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