• Leela

    Leela's Story

    Leela started visiting the Woodgrange Day Centre a year ago, after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. Leela has benefited ...'
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  • Shejal Shah

    Shejal's Story

    My wife Shejal came home in December just before Christmas after being given the all clear for cancer. Christmas Eve ...'
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  • Henna

    Henna's Story

    After Henna was admitted the therapy team had no idea of the incredible journey that they were about to undertake ...'
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  • malcolm_patient_story_cover

    Malcolm's Story

    Miracle Malcolm. That’s how he came to be known, by both family and staff at St Luke’s.'
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  • caroline_web_banner

    Caroline's story

    St Luke’s Hospice has been a part of my life for 16 years.'
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  • eileenandbobweb

    Bob's story

    It was a tremendous relief when Eileen was offered a place at the hospice'
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  • patcliffordweb

    Pat's story

    St Luke’s has been wonderful! I can’t praise it enough.'
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  • balavekariaweb

    Bala's story

    The staff were warm, sensitive and caring to my father’s needs and listened to what he had to say.'
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  • chandniandhergranddadweb

    Chandni's story

    My granddad decided to go to the hospice and from the moment he arrived, the hospice changed everything.'
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  • flannaganweb

    The Flannagan Family

    Alec Flannagan was cared for by St Luke’s in his last days and his daughter, Charlie shares their family’s experience ...'
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  • jessicaweb

    Jessica's Story

    Jessica took part in St Luke's Colour Run with her family and in memory of her father who was cared ...'
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  • stevemastersweb

    Gemma's Story

    St Luke’s Hospice looked after Gemma Woolhead’s father, Steve Masters, at the Woodgrange Centre and in the In Patient Unit...'
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  • story_3_katy

    Karen's Story

    Katy Hendel was looked after in the In Patient Unit at St Luke's Hospice at just 24 years of age. ...'
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  • story_2_mary

    Mary's Story

    Mary Ellis first visited the Hospice as an In-Patient in Spring 2015. After she was discharged, Mary visited the Woodgrange ...'
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  • story_1_bhavna

    Bhavna's Story

    My mother-in-law (mum) spent approximately 10 days at St Lukes Hospice. She loved the doctors and nurses. From the first ...'
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