Pat's story

Pat Clifford comes in for regular complementary therapies at the Woodgrange Centre at St Luke’s.

‘St Luke’s has been wonderful! I can’t praise it enough. I come here every Friday and have acupuncture or sometimes a massage. It has done me a great deal of good. The treatments get me through the week with the help of medication of course. I’m also very pleased the staff are only a phone call away for support when I am at home.

I first heard about St Luke’s when I discovered I wasn’t well and the oncologist from Northwick Park Hospital put me onto palliative care and sent me to the Woodgrange Centre at St Luke’s. First I thought ‘that’s where you go to die’ but now I know it’s not the case.

For anyone who is scared or apprehensive about  coming to the hospice I would just say go and see  it for yourself and engage in everything they would like to do for you. Don’t be frightened because everybody is just so nice and jolly. You don’t feel ill when you come here. I find it makes you feel better. Everybody here is lovely and the place is very serene. My daughter has also visited with me and we find the people are always nice and ready to listen. They’re here to help you. My advice is to take the help.’