Training for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals


Principles of Palliative Care Module

This module is for nurses and allied health professionals working with end of life patients. It aims to increase knowledge of End of Life care through a holistic & multi-professional approach. The module consists of a taught registration and study skills afternoon and 6 taught study days. Assessment is by a 3000 word assignment. It follows a 7 study days approach: the philosophy and principles of end of life care; assessment and symptom management; communication issues and skills; loss, grief and bereavement. The module is held at St Luke's Hospice.

Accreditation by University of West London

Re accredited in 2018 by University of West London with 20 credits at level 6 (degree).

For more information, contact Sarah Eamus via email at or telephone 020 8382 8015
Venue: St Luke's Hospice

Cost: £650

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Last Phase of Life Care Home Training

Most care home residents are over 85 years old, with an average life expectancy of less than two and a half years. This means, of course, that caring for people approaching the end of their lives must be a large part of what care homes, with or without specialist nursing care, must provide.

This is a five day course which is aimed at Residential and Nursing Care Home staff—RN’s and HCA’s who regularly contribute and manage residents in the care home setting approaching the end of life.

The course enables the learner to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses relating to end of life care through a variety of teaching methods—presentations, group discussions, and observation.  
It provides the learner with a comprehensive knowledge, skills and confidence of how to provide high quality care to residents in the care home setting in the Last Phase of Life and support their families.

The programme covers a wide variety of topics relating to the Last Phase of Life. The course is run and devised by the Care Home Support Service, based at St. Luke’s Hospice in Harrow. The Care Home Facilitators provide high level facilitation to nursing and residential homes locally and have created this course based on the needs, experiences and feedback from care home staff.  

For an overview and more information about our Care Home Support Service, click here.

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