Referring Patients


How is a patient referred to St Luke's?

Any healthcare or social work professional may refer a patient to St Luke's. We do, however, have to consider specific clinical criteria before we can accept a patient.

  • Patients normally need to live within our catchment area and be 18 years or older
  • Patients need to have illnesses that are no longer curable
  • These illnesses need to be in an advanced state with patients needing specialist help in order to get satisfactory symptom relief, ie they either have less than a year to live, or are suffering from complicated and often multiple symptoms.

We are always open to offer advice to patients or families unsure how to access hospice care, whether at home, hospital or in our building.

Healthcare professionals can download a referral form or contact the referrals officer on 020 8382 8000, email

You can also download the referral update form which is only to be used if the patient has been referred to us within the last three months

Please send completed referral forms to