Urgent Care Home Appeal

There are an estimated 4,000 people in care homes in Harrow and Brent.

Care home staff often have little or no expert training in delivering end of life care. This means local people are not receiving the care they deserve.

St Luke’s Hospice’s Care Home Support Service provide care home staff with the skills and confidence to help care for people at the end of their life.

Sadly, the NHS does not fund our work with care homes. It has closed some of its local end of life care services and our resources are stretched to breaking point, placing this valuable service under threat.

Tony lives in a nursing home where the staff are supported by St Luke’s expert nurses.

Elisabeth and Tony His partner, Elisabeth says: "When Tony has been unwell, he has had to go to    hospital. The experience was very difficult for him [in his condition]. It is sad to be sent to hospital and end your days there.
Since St Luke’s has got involved with Tony’s care, he hasn’t needed to go to A&E.

I think a lot of us would like to be able to stay at home when our time comes. This is now Tony’s home."

Please donate today so that people like Tony receive the complete care they need in a place they call home.

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