Donate in memory of friends and family


Many people choose to support St Luke’s in memory of friends and family in recognition of the care and support they received from the hospice. There are many ways you can support the hospice in dedication of a loved one or have something to remember them by.

Tribute Fund

A Tribute Fund is a lasting way to commemorate and honour someone special. It is a wonderful way to remember and to help raise funds to support the work of St Luke's Hospice.

Your tribute fund gives friends, relatives and colleagues a focus for making their own individual contribution whenever and however they want, by cash, cheque or card and by post, phone or online. Each gift is recorded and acts as a tribute to the person in whose name the fund has been created.

On your website you can personalise the design, add stories, music and memorial videos as well as keep a diary. You can control access to your site and can keep it private to selected people if you wish or else publicise it more widely with easy links to social network sites.

Tree of Life

Have a personalised leaf or apple on our Tree of Life, which will be displayed at the hospice for a year. You can then take home your special dedication to remember your friends and family.

Light up a Life

Our most meaningful campaign of the year takes place every December. You can dedicate a light on the Hospice tree to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Funeral collections

Many people choose to collect donations instead of flowers at a funeral or memorial service. We can provide you with collection buckets or tins and donation envelopes. If you would like to request some items please contact the fundraising team on 020 8382 8030 or email

Make a donation

You can give a one off or regular donation in memory of a friend or family. Your generous gift will enable us to continue the special care that we gave to your family. Click here to make a donation today.

Take part in an event

Many people who take part in our events often participate in memory of a loved one. You can also organise your own event like Gemma Woolhead. She shaved her hair in memory of her father:

“I felt proud that I had raised over £4,400 for St Luke’ Hospice. Without the support from St Luke's, I don't feel that myself or Lee would have been able to get married after my dad passed away. The support that we received from the Hospice helped us through this difficult time. I feel that shaving my hair off to raise money is a way for me to say thank you for the outstanding care that my Dad received.”

Find out how you can organise your own event or take part in one of our hospice events.