Leaving a gift in your will


A Will ensures the people you care about are looked after. Leaving a gift to St Luke's is an extra way to care.

Having a Will is the only way to ensure your family, friends, and the charities you care about are provided for in the way you want. A huge amount of our work caring for local people at the end of their lives and giving them the best quality of life is made possible by people leaving a gift to us in their Will.

Gifts in Wills allow us to ensure that people at the end of their life get the complete care they need in the place of their choice. It enables us to expand our care and plan to be here to look after future generations.

Your family and friends should come first when writing a will. Once you are happy that they are taken care of, if you choose to leave a gift, of any size, to St Luke's we will be profoundly grateful.

Kevin Beever left us a gift in his will and his son Danny tells us why it means so much to their family.

"I was in Croatia with my children for the Summer when my brother called me with the news. Although cancer hadn't been confirmed, I somehow knew that it would be terminal. It's difficult to say how I felt then. My father was admitted to St Luke's In-Patient Unit. While we were there, ALL the staff were so unbelievably nice to us. I haven't got words to describe our appreciation. My father had known about St Luke's for a long time and he left £5,000 in his Will to St Luke's."

For information on why and how to write a will you can see our frequently asked questions page or contact our Legacy Officer on 020 8382 8097. We will be more than happy to send you our information booklet or meet with you to discuss exactly how your gift could help the hospice.

If you would like more details, please email remember@stlukes-hospice.org