Valerie's Story


Valerie’s lasting legacy to St Luke’s

"Val wasn’t the type of person to sit around, and was involved in helping several voluntary organisations once she retired. She started helping in the office at St Luke’s, this was when the office was based at Harrow View. Valerie also volunteered at her local Synagogue. She used to say that giving her time to St Luke’s, in particular, was incredibly rewarding – she was delighted to volunteer for a worthy cause in the local community.

 As children we lived only four doors away from each other but as she was a few years older than I, we didn’t really become friends until we were both in our twenties and were members of a Jewish Youth Group.’

In May 2006, Valerie had a stroke and sadly passed away at the age of 79 in March 2010 after suffering another stroke. Valerie Lipmann didn’t have any close family who she wanted to remember in her Will but she wanted her Estate to bring as much good as possible. She drew up her Will in 2002 and decided to leave a legacy each to both St Luke’s and the Synagogue. Her legacy of just over £2,300 made a tremendous difference to the hospice and it could provide 38 home visits or 58 complementary therapy sessions."

Helene Wilson, dear friend of Valerie Lipmann

Legacies funding care for future generations

Eric George Cecil Rawson was a St Luke’s patient and received end of life care in the comfort of his home. It was at the discretion of his solicitor and acting executor, Mr Bharat Pindoria of Pindoria Solicitors in Stanmore, that a generous cheque for £250,000 was presented to the Hospice from Mr Rawson’s will. This is one of the largest legacy that St Luke’s has ever received. Other charities who supported the elderly in Harrow also received a donation.

Mr Pindoria, on behalf of the estate of Eric Rawson, says,

“I am very glad and proud that St Luke’s have received a generous donation under Mr Rawson’s will. This donation will continue the excellent work St Luke’s does in the community. The care that their patients are given is remarkable together with the support they give to their families at such difficult times. This donation from Mr Rawson will allow St Luke’s to carry on the excellent work it does for all those in our community. I hope this act of immense generosity inspires more people to leave a legacy in their wills to charities.

I’d like to emphasise that it is important that people make a Will using professional solicitors who are experts in will writing. Pindoria Solicitors has become the first solicitors firm in Harrow to be accredited by the Law Society with the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme. Interestingly, by making a substantial donation to charities, Mr Eric Rawson’s estate saved nearly £200,000 in Inheritance Tax as all bequests to charities are exempt from the tax. I would prefer that St Luke’s and others charities received this money, rather than HMRC and the government.”