St Luke's Make a Will Month


A Will is often the most important document that you will ever write, or be involved in writing. It is likely to be the piece of paper that has the most influence on the way your affairs are handled after your death. In Britain approximately 1 in 3 individuals die intestate, without making a Will, and the government benefits every year from unclaimed estates.

Writing a Will and keeping it up to date is the only way to ensure that your possessions will be distributed as you wish, it gives you the opportunity to control what happens to your property after your death. It is also the time to appoint an executor to deal with your affairs when you die. 

If you write a Will during St Luke's 'Make a Will' month you can ensure your loved ones are looked after and the hospice will benefit at no extra cost to you. Each year St Luke’s runs its successful 'Make A Will' month with the help of local firms from across Harrow and Brent. Our 2018 campaign ran for the month of September and we are planning our 2019 campaign right now so contact our Legacy Officer on 020 8382 8097 for more details or return to this page at a later date.

How does it work?

Participating firms will either donate a percentage of their fee to St Luke’s for the preparation of any basic standard or mirror Will or waive their regular fee for making or amending a Will in exchange for an equivalent donation to our hospice.

Fees for making a Will vary but on average firms charge £250 for a single Will, £400 for mirror Wills and £100 for a codicil. 

There is no obligation to include St Luke’s in your Will, but if you choose to do so, we would be very grateful. Including a gift to St Luke’s will help us to ensure that people at the end of their life get the complete care they need in the place of their choice. We need to raise more than £3.5m each year and every donation received as part of our campaign will help to fund St Luke’s specialist end-of-life care.

Participating firms for 2019 to be confirmed in due course.

For more information or to express interest please contact our Legacy Officer on 020 8382 8097 or email