Your support is urgently needed. Sadly, local NHS end of life care service closures means your help is needed now more than ever.

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Will you help us meet the increasing demand for our free expert end of life care?

Sadly, some local NHS end of life care services have closed. This has put St Luke’s Hospice under immense pressure to support even more local people who need it. Last year, it was only because of the generosity of local people that our expert team of professionals were able to care for 1628 people - thank you! Two thirds of this specialist care was provided in people’s home. With the local NHS service closures, this has now doubled in some areas of our community. We simply cannot meet the demand without your help.

Please donate today to make sure this high quality support continues to be delivered with compassion and dignity to local people in the place of their choice

Caring for Mita’s grandfather (pictured above) in the comfort of his home

‘When the hospital told us there was no longer anything they could medically do for my grandfather, we made a family decision to bring him home. The nurses from St Luke’s came to help care for our grandfather no matter what the weather. They always came with a smile and bags of positive energy and looked after our grandfather with such humanity and dignity – just as if he was one of their own. They were so incredibly professional and understanding. It was also reassuring to know that at any time of day we could call St Luke’s 24hr helpline number and a nurse would always be on hand at the end of a line to give some words of advice when we needed it.’
Where care was delivered in 2018 for WEB
Can you improve the lives of people like Mita's grandfather, by providing support to their families and allowing them to have the best quality of life possible in the place of their choice? It is only because of your donations, this care continues to be made possible for those who need it. Thank you, I hope we can rely on your help.