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Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a gift to St Luke’s is an extra way to care

Legacies are incredibly important for St Luke’s and fund the cost of care for 1 in 7 of our patients. They allow us to ensure that people get the complete care they need in the place of their choice. It enables us to make every moment count for people with life-limiting illnesses, and their families. Today, tomorrow and for years to come.

The NHS funds only 25% of the total cost of St Luke’s services. Your legacy is our future.

Your personal wishes should come first when writing a Will. Once you are happy that they are taken care of, if you choose to leave a charitable gift, of any size, please remember St Luke’s Hospice, and help us make every moment matter for the future of our hospice.

What do you need when leaving a gift?

When leaving a charitable gift, your will writer will need the following information:

The name of our charity- St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow and Brent) Limited’.

Our registered charity number- 298555.

Our address: St Luke’s Hospice, Kenton Grange, Kenton Road, Harrow, HA3 0YG.

Because of the generosity of our very special St Luke’s Guardians, all of our specialist end of life services can be provided completely free of charge, and ensures our local community is cared for both now, and in the future. You can help us care for future generations through a gift in your will to St Luke’s Hospice. We are so grateful to all our legacy partners – thank you.

Why make a Will?

Having a will is the only way to ensure your family, friends, and the charities you care about are provided for in the way you want. In 2021, 68% of people in England & Wales died intestate (without making a will), and the government benefited from many unclaimed estates.

Your will specifies how you would like your estate (what you own – property, money and property, after payment of any debts) to be distributed after you die. If you don’t have a Will when you die, your estate will be distributed according to the law, instead of your wishes. This could mean your estate passes to individuals you had not intended to benefit, or that a person you wanted to benefit receives nothing. This could cause unnecessary complications, delays, stress and extra costs for those you leave behind.

Guides to assist you

We have created guides to assist you when getting your affairs in order. You can download a booklet by clicking on the image below or to request a FREE physical copy to be posted to you email

Leaving a gift in your Will

Writing a Wills is a task many of us put off, but having a Will is the best way to ensure your family, friends and the charities you care about are provided for in the way you want. We hope this guide can provide you with all the information you need to secure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Leaving a gift in a Will is one of the ways you can support us in the future, even if you are unable to at this time. A gift, however large or small, can help to ensure that future generations have access to our specialist palliative care services in Harrow and Brent for as long as they may need us.

Things you should know before I go

This booklet is designed to help you keep track of all the important documents in your life, and record details of them. You are also able to share what is important to you, so that those close to you know what you would want, should a time arise when you can no longer make your own decisions. This is an opportunity to plan ahead, get your affairs in order and review all your arrangements to make sure everything is up to date and in order.

Whether you are just planning ahead, or have been diagnosed with an illness, this guide can help you prepare for the future and can give you confidence that your important details are documented in a safe place.

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