Caring for People in Harrow & Brent

Leaving a gift in your will

A will ensures the people you care about are looked after

Having a will is the only way to ensure your family, friends, and the charities you care about are provided for in the way you want. In 2019 only 35% of adults said they had made a will, which meant nearly 1 in 3 people died intestate (without making a will), and the government benefited from many unclaimed estates. 

Your will specifies how you would like your estate (what you own – money, possessions and property) to be distributed after you die. If you don’t have a will when you die, your estate will be shared out according to the law, instead of your wishes. This could mean they pass to someone you had not intended, or that someone you wanted to pass things on to ends up with nothing. This could cause complications, delays, stress and extra costs for those you leave behind.

If you would like to write your will for free you can use one of our partner online providers, for more information click here.

Leaving a gift to St Luke’s is an extra way to care

Your family and friends should always come first when writing a will. Once you are happy that they have been provided for and the time is right for you, please consider leaving a gift in your will. 

If you choose to leave a gift to St Luke’s Hospice the following wording may be helpful:

To leave a share of your estate (residuary gift): I bequeath to St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow & Brent), registered charity number 298555, the residue of my estate / one X share of the residue of my estate / X% of my estate for its general charitable purposes.

For a cash gift (pecuniary gift): I bequeath to St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow & Brent), registered charity number 298555, the sum of £X (specify words and figures).

The difference legacy gifts make

Legacies (gifts that donors leave in their will) allow St Luke’s to ensure that people at the end of their life get the complete care they need, in the place of their choice. It enables us to make every moment count for people with life-limiting illnesses, and their families. Today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Legacies are incredibly important for the hospice and fund the cost of our care for 1 in 8 of our patients, so when the time is right for you to make a will, please remember St Luke’s Hospice. Over the years, the gifts that people have generously left to us have helped us recruit more nurses, equip our Inpatient Unit and train staff to offer the best possible care when people need it the most.

Your legacy is our future.  You can help us care for future generations through a gift in your will to St Luke’s Hospice. We are so grateful to all our legacy partners – thank you. For information on why and how to write a will you can see our frequently asked questions page or please email

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