Caring for People in Harrow & Brent

Emotional and Practical Support

If you have recently been diagnosed or your situation has changed you might feel overwhelmed and our team can advise you about what help is available to you and your family.

Our specialist team includes Palliative Care Social Workers, Family Support Workers and trained volunteers, can provide additional emotional and practical support to help you and your family find a way forward together at a time when you might feel as if your illness has taken over everything.

Emotional and psychological support for you and those close to you

Relationships may often come under pressure or you become concerned about the effect on someone you love. Support from outside the family can be beneficial to help everyone adjust to their new and changing situation.

People often need the opportunity to express and discuss how they are feeling.

Our team of specialist workers and volunteers can meet with you at the hospice, or in your own home (North Brent and Harrow), on your own or with anyone you choose to be there. They can provide emotional and practical support, explore ways to help you cope, help build your confidence and identify and develop personal, professional and community support networks.

Welfare Benefits and Practical Support

Many families find their income is reduced when someone is seriously ill. We can provide practical help, information and advice regarding:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Care Packages
  • Housing
  • Transport and mobility e.g. disabled parking badges


Instead of dealing with everything yourself, it can be useful to have someone to advocate and liaise on your behalf with other agencies and organisations e.g. Social Services and Benefit Agencies.

Reminiscence/Life story Books/Memory Boxes

Do you look back on life and consider all the things you have achieved that have become part of your family history? Many people like to create a lasting legacy by preparing their own life storybook for their family and friends.

Talking to others and listening to their memories can be a great way of reminding yourself of things. We prepare reminiscence boards to prompt discussion and memories, topics include – childhood, schooldays and fashion.

Making a memory box can be an emotional but rewarding experience. You can fill the box with poems, CDs/tapes, letters, photographs, perfume and other small items that are precious to you. We can provide resources and support you to prepare a memory box as a personal gift to someone special.

We are always happy to talk to you about:

  • Reminiscence groups
  • Life storybooks
  • Memory boxes
  • Letter writing

Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Serious illness and ageing can bring challenges that many of us would rather not think about, but we might also be anxious about loss of control and decisions being made on our behalf. Thinking ahead, involving those close to you and recording your wishes may not be easy but can be very reassuring.

Writing down your preferences and choices helps make sure that you will always influence what happens to you.

Our patient and family support workers will be pleased to talk to you about anything relating to ACP and help you liaise with the medical team to discuss the way you wish to be treated in the future.

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