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A patient/service user

Following spontaneous fractures on 5 spinal vertebrae I was in extreme pain. Several weeks of increasing medication had little effect. I was offered a period in St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow) to try to arrive at a better regime of pain control. After 12 days I am home and in a much better condition. The care and attention shown to me reinforced the excellent reputation of our local hospice. During this time of coronavirus a hospital stay was out of the question. Thanks to the kindness and expertise of the doctors, nurses and others at St Luke’s I have been released from total pain and am in a much better place. Not cured of the breaks, of course, nor of my other underlying blood cancer, but life is worth living again. And that is a wonderful result.

A patient/service user

I have had the opportunity to access support from multiple services across the hospice. I have found acupuncture and massages beneficial and been helped with my mobility by the physiotherapists providing me with a walking stick. The patient family support service have assisted me with adaptations at home to make living there easier. Currently I am enjoying looking at flowers blooming in the hospice garden that I helped to plant. St Luke’s offers you hope and freedom. There is nothing to be afraid of. The staff are all wonderful.

A bereaved parent

Not having an income due to my wife not being able to work and having to look after the children financially we struggled. We were lucky to have a Christmas hamper, Christmas tree and decorations .The children all were given some toys that had been donated to the hospice. It made our last Christmas so special for us all to be together. My wife did a memory box and jars for all the children with Stella’s support and these are filled with photos, cards, letters, CD’s (Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank). These are so treasured and precious for my children. As a family this was a very dark and sad time, but some light and sunshine came to our all our lives at that time.

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