Bereavement service

Bereavement services
Following the death of a loved one, many people will often be able to find the help and support they need to come to terms with their loss from family and friends. However, sometimes people who we are normally close to or who know us well may find it difficult or awkward to talk with us about the person who has died. This may be because they do not know what to say or are afraid of upsetting us.

Some people may also feel they do not want to burden family or friends with their feelings and emotions surrounding loss, but these can be difficult to deal with by ourselves. Sharing these thoughts and emotions can be helpful in helping us to adjust and come to terms with the life we now have without the person who has died.

How we can help you 

The Bereavement Support Team offers confidential, individual and group support to help cope with the loss of family or loved ones. The support is available to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one who has received a service from St Luke’s. Anyone who has been affected by the death can receive this support – this can include other people such as family members or friends.

How the service works

Should you, or any member of your family or friends wish to make use of the service you will be invited to talk with our Bereavement Service Coordinator or a member of the Patient and Family Support Team. This can either be over the telephone or face to face. Often people do not initially know what they want to say or discuss, they just know their feelings are causing them difficulties and distress.

After this you will be allocated a named person from within the team who will then be able to meet with you at regular times. Normally these sessions will take place at the hospice, however if you do not feel able to come into the hospice building we can arrange to meet with you elsewhere.

The member of our Bereavement Support Team will meet with you to give you the opportunity to talk about how you are feeling and to support you through what can be an extremely difficult time. Individual support sessions will normally last up to one hour.

Contact us

If you wish to access support or if you require further information about the service, you can contact us on 020 8382 8000.

Please ask to speak with a member of the Bereavement Support Service or the Patient and Family Support Service. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a brief message and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.