Annual Review and Accounts

Our Vision is of a world where people experience the best possible last phase of life.
everyone with a terminal illness can access the care, treatment and support they need to live well, know that their family and carers are supported, and die with dignity in the place of their choice.

Everything we do is about people and relationships - we serve the people who live in our local communities.
And we depend on your support; over 850 people who volunteer and many thousands who give to us or fundraise for us each year.

There are hundreds more local people who would benefit from the care and support we provide and we aim to extend our services to reach even more people in the years to come – but we can only do this through your continued support.

Our annual review highlights key achievements and plans for the future for our Hospice at Home and Community Teams, our Day Services based in our new Woodgrange Centre, our In Patient Unit, Patient and Family Support, and Education teams.

It also provides a guide to how we raised and spent our money, and the achievements and plans of our Shops and Fundraising Teams.

However the best insight into the work of St Luke's is provided by our patients, and the review is full of their stories, describing the difference that the hospice has made to them.